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Website Maintenance: Got a Wordpress website that you don't know how to update (or just don't want to)? We can take care of it for you, either on a monthly plan or as-needed.


Website Optimization: If your website isn't working to turn visitors into devoted customers, you're missing out on business. We'll take a look at your existing website, and suggest specific changes that will help capture and convert new customers. 

Basic Website Development:  Your website is the most important marketing tool you have. It's gotta be good—and convert visitors into customers. We’ll design and build you a website on a simple-to-use editing platform like Wix or Weebly so you can easily make your own edits down the road. 

Pricing: We are priced to be affordable to small businesses, but every business is different. Please get in touch for a full quote!


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After just one call, I was confident that Urban Sherpa would be able to take my needs seriously and provide the expertise I needed to grow. I am thrilled with what Katie and Theron have delivered. My objectives were not just met, they were also exceeded. I love that they “get” the little guy and his struggles. It was clear very quickly that they had the skill set, experience, and (most importantly) passion to help me succeed.

Jason Shutt

Bainbridge Island Realtor

Managing your website is often harder than you think.

Even with the best of intentions (and supposedly easy-to-edit platforms like Wordpress and Wix), keeping your website functioning and up-to-date isn't a simple problem. After all, you have better things to do than learn how to use Wordpress.

We'd be glad to help you build your site, update a current site, or keep a site you love running in good order. 

   Let us help!


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